What is a traverse?

The plaintiff’s traverse states that the garnishee’s answer is untrue or legally insufficient. The plaintiff may file a traverse no later than 15 days after the answer of the garnishee is filed with the court. The defendant’s traverse states that the affidavit of garnishment is untrue or legally insufficient. The defendant may file a traverse […]

What forms do I need?

A copy of the judgment must accompany the garnishment upon filing if the judgment was obtained from another court. You also need:   For a Continuing (Wage) Garnishment: – Affidavit and Summons of Continuing Garnishment – Answer of Continuing Garnishment – Sheriff’s Entry of Service form for the garnishee – Sheriff’s Entry of Service form for the defendant   […]

How do I file a garnishment?

Garnishment proceedings may be filed immediately if the judgment issued is a default judgment. Otherwise, a period of 30 days must lapse before a garnishment can be filed. The correct forms for filing a garnishment can be obtained from the Magistrate Court Clerk’s Office.