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          Board of Commissioners
Find My Commissioner District
          Interactive Commission District Map
View a list of County Fees
          Evans County Fee Schedule

          Evans County Approved Travel Rates
Get a 911 Address
          911 Address Form
Obtain a Temporary Camper Affidavit
          Camper Affidavit
Obtain a Driveway Permit
          Driveway Application
Obtain a Manufactured Home Affidavit
          Manufactured Home Placement Affidavit
          Pre-Owned Manufactured Home Affidavit
Proof of User Fee Form
          User Fee Form
Obtain a Non-Occupied Structure Affidavit
          Non-Occupied Structure Affidavit
Obtain a Power Authorization Form
          Power Authorization Form
Obtain a Beaver Tail Bounty Form
          Beaver Tail Bounty Invoice with W9
Make an Online Payment
          Online Payment (Tax Payments are to be made at the Tax Commissioner's Office, this is for BOC Office Only)
Obtain a Birth Certificate
          Request for Search of Birth Records
Obtain a Death Certificate
          Request for Death Certificate
Obtain a Fireworks Permit
          Application for Permit to Conduct Public Fireworks Display
Obtain a Gun License
          Contact Evans County Probate Court
Obtain a Marriage Record
          Request for a Certified Copy of a Marriage Record
Obtain a Premarital Counseling Form
          Certification of Completion of Qualifying Premarital Education
Register to Vote
          Georgia MVP (My Voter Page)
Submit an RFP / Bid
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Submit a Work Order - Call (912)-739-3195 Option 3
          Open Records Request Form (Online Form)
View Board and Authority Openings
          View Openings
View County Ordinances
          View County Ordinances
Work for the County
          View Job Openings
Apply for an Alcohol License
          Alcohol License Application
Apply for an Business License
           Business License Application
Fill out a Hotel / Motel Excise Tax Form
           Hotel / Motel Excise Form