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November: Making a Mark

By Jeremy Gove, Information Systems Administrator, All throughout history, November has been a month of great things. During its course, we exercise our freedom and right to vote, we celebrate the defense of freedom by honoring our veterans, and we celebrate the survival of the Pilgrims, men and women brave enough to leave England, the […]


The King Has Lost His Crown

By Jeremy Gove, Information Systems Administrator, It all started standing in a Pharmacy line in Delaware this weekend. After our honeymoon in Lancaster, PA, my wife and I drove the 30 or so extra miles to visit with my family in my home state. Due to a series of events, I found myself filling a […]


October: Actively Calm and Actively Alert

By Jeremy Gove, Information Systems Administrator, When it comes to months of celebration, October is a bit of an overachiever. While she may not compete with December when it comes to holidays and days off, she definitely holds her own. Other than candy and Columbus, from a societal standpoint, October has three other major focuses: […]

Burned Down Courthouse

Cookbooks, Courthouses, & Computers

By Jeremy Gove, Information Systems Administrator, Funny as it seems, my introduction to Evans County came in the form of a cookbook. Yes, a cookbook. My first real, in-depth interaction with the citizens of Evans County was at the unveiling of the Centennial Celebration Cookbook, which happened to fall during one of my visits from […]